Panasonic NN-H965WF Countertop Microwave Oven

The best countertop microwave oven Panasonic NN-H965WF Genius is a luxury model from the famous Panasonic. They are well-known of providing high quality product which is durable, long lasting, good design in every details. This microwave is good to use for a big family or even office or small business. As its name, the product applied with Sensor and inverter technology to bring the fresh, nutrients and delicious food. If you want to save from cooking but having a good food as cooking, this is the ideal product.

Here are some product information Panasonic NN-H965WF :

  • The product measures are 23 7/8 inches wide x 19 7/16 inches deep and 16 inches height. It weighs 35.3 pounds.
  • The producer only provide color white. The white color brings the look of bright, clean, professional and luxury.
  • Its capacity is 2.2 cubic feet.
  • Its highest power is 1250 watts.
  • There are some specific features of this product are the Genius One Touch Sensor Cook and Reheat, Five button keypad with flat panel buttons, inverter technology applied in defrost program.
  • 5 Button Keypad,  6-digit Expanded display panel, 10 Power Levels and 5 Stage Cooking
  • Used Inverter Technology

This product works very well. It takes all day to talk about this the best microwave oven. However, we only mention some outstanding benefits of this Countertop Microwave Oven Panasonic NN – H965WF in this writing.

  • The Panasonic Inverter Microwave NN – H965WF gave an excellent design. From its details mentioned above, the size and design seems to fit any contemporary kitchen spaces. You can put it on a countertop as others people do or buy additional tools to give the microwave a built- in installation.
  • With inverter technology goes with the Panasonic NN-H965 WF give you many benefits. First, the technology gives you less weight and more space for the interior room than other products. With the product size, the room can be used up to 18 ½ inches long x 18 7/16 inches wide x 10 15/16 inches high. Second, the inverter technology is perfect for the defrosting. It is not only provide even defrosting but also faster. To thaw a kilograms of meat or a big bow of vegetables, you only need to spend a few minutes to make it done. All the food will be defrost evenly without any burned or overcooking. Moreover, the food are all kept its colors and nutrients as fresh.
  • The program settings use very easy. It has total 10 levels of power and five stage of cooking to make a choice. Furthermore, the producer also designed a 6-digit expanded display for easy viewing.

In conclusion, this is a good product for on the go family. Instead of getting up very early to prepare food for breakfast for family and lunch for children, you can save your time with a button to have longer sleep or take time to do exercise. It is only one notice about this product is the small indentation. Many people commented that they were delivered the fault microwave. This is a purposeful design from producer that allow the door to open smoothly.